Let’s Not Be Too Serious..

Photos by Aless

This is spontaneous me. I never wanted to bore my readers with my philosophy on fashion or with pictures of what I had for dinner. Therefore I never write a lot of text. I believe that the pictures speak for themselves.

I did hold dearly to writing a bit about this look. I am a huge super hero fan and I love feminine looks so for me it’s totally natural to take a t-shirt and unexpectedly layer it over a romantic summer dress with sneakers. My hair is in a high bun and cartoon yellow nails to top it all off. Not planned. I love it for its spontaneity and I believe in it.  My point is believe in yourself and what you love and don’t do anything for anyone else. I won’t even write detail of what I am wearing. Take the look for what it is…

I am asking you, my readers, to let me know if you would like me to write more text to accompany my weekly looks?

Please use the contact page in the menu. Thank you.

in a chic state of mind




4 thoughts on “Let’s Not Be Too Serious..

  1. The truth of the matter is I would never wear an outfit like this but there is so much freedom and diversity that I love it!! You pulled it off well, something I would definitely get for one of my daughters.


  2. Hi Marisol,
    I find this very refreshing – when one goes for something “unconventional” and yet it works! Not easy to pull off but I think you did it well! Maybe because it’s you, and as you said, we should believe in ourselves. I liked reading your post. Thank you for this.


    1. Dear Cecile,
      I thank you for your comment. I understand the look is not for everyone. It’s an example of “thinking out of the box”. I will post some whimsy looks once in a while. Not to be too serious….😉


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