First Look at Autumn

Autumn is my favorite season of the year. I love the colors in nature that are rich, vibrant and warm. I revel in cozy sweaters, sexy suede boots and all of the layering possibilities that make creating your own style so much more fun.

This is one of my mood boards. I will be sharing the others with you in the coming weeks for the different trends. My inspiration is nature and a luxurious bohemia. As you see the colors of the season are mostly wine, rust, tan and a pale pink beige. The fabric of the season is velvet. The shapes are relaxed and casual and the waist may be flattered by a leather sash belt. Handbags are updated by adding printed or studded guitar straps. Boots are at the ankle and have a comfortable chunky heel.

These are my first picks from my mood board above with a suggestion for a more conveniently priced choice that resembles it:

CHLOE bouclé-jacquard coat or try Harris Wharf London burgundy wool waterfall blanket coat

Filippa K ankle boots or try Olivia pointed toe tan suede ankle boots

Valentino handbags- add your own guitar strap bought at a music supply store to a handbag you’d like to update or purchase one at Valentino’s online boutique

I will be sharing next how to incorporate the new seasons trends for a transition from summer to autumn. So stay tuned and I thank you for reading my blog.


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