Traveling With Brappz

Photos by Aless

I traveled to London for a short weekend and found myself taking a small carry on. Therefore a very organized outfit plan complete with accessories was called for. For my jewelry I chose Brappz. I wore it loosly as a bracelet and wound an end around a finger as seen in the pictures above. In the evening I wore it as a choker around my neck. While in London I received numerous glances from the fashion conscious who were curious about what I was wearing 😉

I have worn Brappz as stacks of bracelets or a necklace before I even launched this blog. I have offered them to friends and family as a gifts even when there wasn’t an occasion because I know that Brappz would please as an original gift (also very affordable).

If you try them, take a picture and tag @inachicstateofmind on Instagram to have your picture featured on their page.

I thank you all for your support and reading my blog.

Sponsored by Brappz

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