The Gold Shoe

Photos by Aless

I fell in love with this gold shoe from a graphic designer based in London on Instagram under makkizakkiuk. I found it amusing because the past years the trend is more in the way of wearing  sneakers (see my last post). So much that fashionistas asked themselves if it was the end of stilletos. Heels are here to stay and so are sneakers. They are much more comfortable when worn on your t-shirt.

Since t-shirts are not yet for sale I had the idea of printing this on my Petit Bateau soft cotton turtleneck. It is now a one of a kind item.

You may have the same one by visiting Makki Zakki’s work on the Etsy website. There you will find this print or many other works to choose from.

To recreate this look, find here items that are similar to what I am wearing: Single-breasted wool coatBlack cotton turtleneckSkinny black coated jeans,  Chelsea boots,  Men’s felt cap

In collaboration with Makki Zakki

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