Swiss Alps Getaway

Photos by Aless

As one very dear person close to me always saids “You don’t mess with the mountains.” Here I am at the Allalin Glacier, Saas-Fee in the Swiss Alps which is 3,500 meters (11,500 feet) above sea level. Having the right gear is important when you’re faced with extreme temperatures and the weather that can change from sunny to stormy in just a few minutes. Why sacrifice style? Here I layered a fur-lined parka in navy blue with a down jacket under to make sure that I am warm enough. A cable knit wool sweater and twill jeans. I do have thermal gear underneath all this. A silk scarf, cashmere gloves and beanie top it all off.

To recreate this look: Faux-fur lined parka, Light down jacketWool cable knit sweaterThermal under t-shirtThermal under leggingsFur-lined boots

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