When in New York…

Photos by Aless

When in New York…dress like a New Yorker. This was part of my world wind tour as I mentioned in my last post. I had some work, some fun and some family to fit in in this trip. Whenever I go back to Manhattan I am not a tourist and I feel I automatically fit back in. How do New Yorkers dress? There are such a variety of ways but one thing always stands out, individuality. We are not afraid to be different and express that. This look is still streamlined, polished and comfortable. If you take a close look you’ll see I mixed a navy/white pin-striped shirt with oversized French cuffs, a tuxedo style blazer, leather leggings, Adidas Gazelle sneakers and a my favorite Gucci bag from the Marc Jacobs era.

To recreate this look: Tuxedo style long blazerPinstriped cuffed shirtLeather leggingsTom Ford Era Bamboo Bullet bagAdidas Originals Gazelle Shoes



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