Keep It Simple

Photos by Aless

This is a weekend getaway in nearby Stuttgart, Germany. I had a lovely time going to a rock concert and visiting the Porsche Museum. While touring the city I chose to be comfortable and a bit classy to be able to adapt to all situations from a very nice restaurant to a skateboard shop. I kept it simple ūüėČ The detail in the white blouse keeps everything ¬†interesting. “La piece ma√ģtresse” as they say in French. On my Reebok sneakers I added Brappz shoelaces. Silicone straps that are flexible and extremely comfortable. The plus is no dangling laces. Brappz have invaded all of my sneakers from leisure to sportswear. Back in Geneva I enjoy wearing my Kiss t-shirt that was purchased at the concert.

To recreate this look: Trench coat, White blouse, Boyfriend jeans,  Classic Fendi bag at Mon Joli Trésor boutique, Reebok sneakers, Brappz shoelaces

I thank you for reading.

2 thoughts on “Keep It Simple

  1. Nice style ūüôā I can see how Brappz has invaded your closet….it has invaded mine as well!


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