Chic Athleisure

Photos by Aless

When I opened the package and discovered this outfit I couldn’t wait to share it with you. The perfect mixture between city chic and athleisure wear. Avant-première at Manor Switzerland has got their clothes at the heartbeat of what’s happening now in fashion. The long fitted impeccably cut belted sleeveless blazer and side-striped leggings in gold and ivory were the perfect combination between city chic and athleisurewear.  The accessories are: a gold hammered cuff bracelet and 2 rings to match also from Avant-premiére. Gucci sparkling silver slippers and a Chanel bag.  The timing was excellent because I travelled to L’Hôtel Le White in Valais, Switzerland where I found a stunning contemporary design as a backdrop to my outfit.

To recreate this look: Items are not sold online. Please contact me directly through the blog.

I thank you for reading.

This is is a sponsored post

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