When in Tokyo…

Photos by Aless

you shop until you drop with an exotic touch!

Here I am thrilled to share with you my fashion trend update for Tokyo Summer 2017.  In the Japanese culture there is an interesting contrast between cutting edge technology and old world traditions. The same could be said for their style. The Japanese are either very classic old-school or classic “smart”. Despite the above 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) weather, their clothes are prim, proper and perfectly pressed. They never expose too much skin like their shoulders or cleavage. On the other hand, the younger generation has no fear at the sight of trendier items. They are wearing long flowing dresses in whimsical prints like teddy bears, chocolate bars or flowers. The circle skirts were midi (calf) length in pleated chiffon or cotton. I also spotted belted pant-skirts (culottes) worn with a statement t-shirt and fashionable sneakers. A very trendy crowd who favors either head to toe off-white lace (for dresses or long cardigans) or all black. The bright true colors were favored over earthy tones or all out color blocked items. Mixing prints spontaneously was also sighted ex: leopard accessories with striped clothing. Asians love designer luxury handbags and for the moment they dangle a pom pom key chain from it. The shoes are an equal platform that gives them a couple of centimeters in height. Jewelery is kept dainty and to a minimum. The Japanese do not wear sunglasses. They wear hats and parasols to keep their skin from tanning.

This brings me to the Tokyo Summer 2017 Beauty report.

Japanese women are known for their deep skin cleansing routines. This and the fact that they avoid the sun has not changed. Makeup in nude tones is done to highlight their beautiful pale skin. Makeup is never garish or too obvious. Hair stays it’s natural color. Some, even men, have experimented with an auburn tone in their hair. The newer generation do paint their nails. Spotted were graphic shapes like white or black stripes on a transparent nail.

The dress I am wearing, from Avant Première, was in a lovely surprise package I received from Manor, Switzerland.  It is perfect for Tokyo summer weather with its modern cutouts and light A-line cotton shape. The shoes from Steve Madden, well entitled Clearer, are the finishing touch to my look. With its modern block heel and transparent straps it makes sure the dress stays the focal point. When a dress is enough to make a statement, no jewelery is needed.

I thank you for reading and I wish you a fashionable, fun summer!

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