Photos by Aless

Victoria Beckham. Known originally as one of the all-female pop group, The Spice Girls in the late 1990’s, has become a sought after fashion designer. This is due to the appeal of her designs more than her celebrity stature. She creates sculptural streamlined almost minimalist silhouettes.

I made a statement the other day, that although extreme, I am convinced it’s true: Victoria Beckham really understands the body of a woman. I believe she creates the clothes that she would like to wear. Before Victoria Beckham there was a real gap in the offer for feminine fashions that flatter a women’s body.

This dress which is from the Spring/Summer 2017 collection is a pleasure to wear.  The body-hugging silhouette is made of a double crepe of silk and wool with knit inserts of cream, navy and crimson that gives it an athleisurewear vibe that I love. The longer length pencil skirt pleads to be worn with these Jimmy Choo pumps and a crimson coloured handbag, similar one here from Chanel’s Métiers d’Art collection, to complete the look. No need for jewelery…

This Victoria Beckham dress is from Drake Store Women in Geneva. You may find similar dresses, like this one,  with the same impeccable cut as the lifeline of almost all of her collections. I am looking forward to see what Victoria Beckham has in store for us in her future collections.

I thank you for reading.

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