A Vintage Feeling


Photos by Aless

This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are honestly my own.

I visited the Swiss Fashion Point, where Swiss designers of clothing and accessories are present with their collections. I had the pleasure to meet the designer of ELI-O jewelry who I have been following and admiring the collection on Instagram.

I instantly envisioned sharing my interest for the jewelery in a post wearing only a crisp white oversized men’s shirt as a subtle background. The pieces are TIMELESS, like ancient Greek coins, UNIQUE because each piece is HANDMADE in gold or silver. The jewelry has a certain VINTAGE FEELING that gives any modern day outfit some classic sophistication. A number of rings worn on several fingers make a statement.

I am wearing: The Stohastria Ring, The Apollon Ring,  The Sitos Ring and The Sitos Necklace  or visit ELIO-O  

I thank you for reading.

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