Fashion Is Art


My friend @apopstyle and I visited a Chinese artist’s expo in Palais de Rumine in Lausanne, Switzerland.  Ai Weiwei is known for his playful and controversial artworks. He uses different materials like, marble, porcelain, photography, digital printing, wood, aluminum, jade, lego bricks, bronze and mud. Although the mediums vary to create his works there are often references to Chinese culture, politics, icons and values that are unknown at first look of each work. I am impartial to Ai Weiwei’s point of view. I took the exhibition for what it is visually. Beauty, originality and a bit of humour.

Apopstyle and I decided to adapt a trendy Autumn look for our visit.  We were wearing green and black. Each one of us color adapted the color to our personalities. I chose an olive green military inspired coat and she opted for a cozy sweater in emerald green with faux leather leggings, black hats and ankle boots to complete the look.

I thank you for reading.

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