10 Best of 2017

All photos by Aless. An immense thank you to him!

The 10 Best Of 2016 caused just as much a dilemma as it did with this year, end of 2017.  To be able to make my selection my 1st question is: Which looks show the most variety and represent my style to the best? My second question is: Which looks had the most feedback from my followers on the social media? Looking at my choices for this year I have come to the conclusion that success is not guaranteed by trying to be the most original and colourful blogger out there. Although creating a look with some pieces that we would never normally marry together may stimulate some curiosity, ideally women should be able to see themselves in the same outfit. I set out to creates simple looks that women feel they can identify with and be inspired. Therefore here I share with you my picks that are brought to you from New York City, the Swiss Alps, Tokyo and Geneva. I hope you enjoy them and agree to my choices. If not please do leave me a response if you feel I missed one.

Warmest wishes to all for 2018!

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