Photos by Aless

Contrary to what some may believe, I am a lover of minimalist looks. I felt in love with this dress from XANDRES that is part fine knit and part pleated transparent chiffon skirt. I believe that the key to successfully wearing an all black classic look is the mixture of fabrics and textures. Complete the look by adding a retro style top handle yellow bag by MassimilianoIncas with a neck scarf tied around it, big earrings from RAS Para Siempre (my advice. choose one major jewellery statement)  and some strappy sandals by Mellow Yellow.

Al clothes my be purchased from Kenko Hoshi, 2 rue des Photographes, Eaux-Vives Geneva Switzerland. Sunglasses are from Zero UV, Earrings also available in mat silver are from RAS Para Siempre

I thank you for reading.

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