Dare To Sparkle




img_3880This look is inspired by my last post on this blog “Tried and True”.

Ok everybody! It’s time to gear up for the fall and eventually winter weather. As I have mention many times, it’s one of my favorite seasons because it displays one’s true abilities in styling. The art of layering is to be mastered and never to be undermined. It is the most important class to take in Fashion 101.  If there ever is such a class. That brings me to one longtime belief that you may learn how to dress but real style you have to be born with. I recently saw the movie Coco Before Chanel. Today Gabrielle Chanel is revered to be the most iconic fashion designer. When growing up she was considered more of an outcast because she wasn’t wearing uncomfortable corsets or feathers in her hair unlike all the women of her time. She chose to wear clothing in neutral tones and of a sober, minimalist nature. Almost androgynous.  This was her style and today it is copied and sought after.  This brings me to my style where I love the minimal classic pieces like an impeccably cut blazer. I wouldn’t like to wear all classics. I love mixing things and create my own style. I always say that we have to get dressed every day so why not enjoy it!

This fall try mixing items you would normally wear in the evening , like sequins, with your favorite classic pieces for daytime like a houndstooth print blazer, denim and suede. A great structured handbag completes look. The play of textures and different finishes create interest in a normally classic casual look. The earrings and matching bracelet are from the Stem Collection  (Tige in French) at Colayco Jewelry. They were made to order to fit my style.

At the moment the sequined top is no longer available. Stay tuned and I will find a similar one. Following these links will bring you to the Zalando shop on-line website for most items: Get the look: Hallhuber BlazerKurt Geiger Kensington BagTop Shop Relaxed Fit JeansColayco Jewelry Stem EarringsZero UV Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses

I thank you for reading my blog.

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