The Manhattan Dress

Hello my friends!

I have never been a person that loved social media or the spotlight. That said, I recognize that I am so blessed to have met so many amazing people through Instagram including the designer of this “Manhattan” dress I am wearing from Rue Vautier .

The dress is suitably named after my birthplace, because it fits so well with any situation that a city girl may run into. Wear it with modern sneakers to run from one end of the city to another for an appointment. Wear it to the office topped with a blazer to make it more appropriate for professional wear and switch to a biker jacket and stilettos for happy hour drinks at the latest NY after work hotspot or date!

I instantly loved it for its soft comfortable cotton stretch fabric and it’s body flattering cut, it’s extra long statement sleeves and it’s midi-length skirt. Not to mention the sexy revealing back.

If you’d like this dress custom-made for you, please contact Naomi at Rue Vautier

I thank you for reading.

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