Slow Fashion



Photos by Aless

Hello my friends!

I have been taking a liking to ethical fashion! Of course for all the right reasons! Even more so because today we have many more choices without sacrificing quality or style!

I don’t believe in being militant about it and I would never want to impose my beliefs on anyone. That said, there is quite a satisfaction in knowing that my purchase choices are more reflected!

In the past year I have been incorporating some pieces that are more ecologically friendly and combining it with pieces I already own. It is an investment in time to research where the clothes are made, what textiles were used to make them and the labor conditions of the workers. With this information I am able to make a decision and find a balance between ethical and fast fashion. This works for me.

My dress and summer bag here is made with recycled materials.

Get the look: Dress Melville Summer Dress Designer’s Remix , Bag, AgentSpécial, Sunglasses Ray Ban Round Metal Collection, Boots Mango Leather Ankle Boots

I thank you for reading and I wish you all a lovely spring!

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