Sumptuously Sustainable

There’s never been a better time to make more responsable choices when it comes to our clothing.

This beautifully draped befittingly named Gardenia top is from Avani Apparel. The company is know for using natural fibers that are sustainable and bio-degradable. Therefore perfectly fitting into the category of circular fashion (a garment that from it’s creation is meant to be recycled).

This top is made of a sumptuously soft Austrian Tencel which is a natural fiber made from Eucalyptus wood. It is traceable from the raw materials used, to its dyeing and the creation of the garment. The top is soft, supple and very comfortable to have against the skin.

How to style it?

There a a number of ways to wear it! Pair the Gardenia blouse with your favorite pair of jeans and it will bring them a heightened sophistication. Or add it to your workwear wardrobe it will quickly become a necessary staple.

Shop the top: Gardenia Top in Off White

This is a sponsored post.

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