Rosé All Day

Photography by @littletumtitu

Hello my friends!

This is a moment I would like to share with you. A bunch of amazing ladies, bloggers in all sectors, reunited for a rosé all day picnic! Dress Code “Flower Chic”!

I present to you our blogger squad above from left to right and please show these ladies some love: @ledetail_official@bombombijouxim_salome@kislukasss, I, @cocogoneglobal@prscltrnd@crisgbazar

That said! We are here to talk about fashion! Each blogger present interpreted the theme  “Flower Chic” for summer in their own way and killed it with their own style as you may see in the pictures above!

Let us inspire you! Style some similar dresses, maxi, midi or mini, worn by our #bloggersquad for fall with a masculine blazer or denim jacket plus add combat ankle boots or santiags (western style ankle boots) that are all the rage this autumn. Click on the dress of your choice to shop:






Your set for your first transitional look to autumn! Yes way rosé!

A special word on the organisers, Coco and Cris. You may find their Instagram profiles above. These ladies are amazing! It was a treat for they eyes and all the senses. The healthy choices in foods , the drinks (delicious pink champagne graciously provided by La Comtesse A.), flowers and decorations were just lovely and very “instagrammable”! My compliments to them! They should go into event organising with their keen attention to detail.

What particularly touched me and stayed with me is that the organisers genuinely wanted to unite us so that we may get to know each other, hold each others hands in this crazy social media world we call Instagram. Brilliant! This is our blogger squad!

I thank you for reading.


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