Model For A Day

Hello, my friends!

In this post, I share with you beauty shots that were done by a digital media & marketing company Digi-Suisse for Leman Aesthetic Clinic. The video and photoshoot were a lot of fun. I was pampered with wavy, soft hair from 19th Avenue hairdressers, I thank them. My pretty modern makeup is from Claire Serrano. The final result is soon to be seen at Leman Aesthetic Clinic . Please see all the links below for credit to the magnificent team that worked on this project.

On another note, I often get disbelief when people hear that I am nearing 50 years old. I usually answer smugly that as an image consultant I take my own advice! I think that besides taking care of myself it helps to have a healthy united family and a real positive outlook on life. I also see that my 6 hours a week of rigorous cardio workouts, weight lifting, and yoga are paying off. Add to this a thorough beauty routine and healthy eating without depriving myself and you are halfway there to help to age as gracefully as possible. Genetics do help as well. I hope that I am an inspiration to my clients to take better care of themselves. If this is the case, then I have accomplished my mission as an image consultant.

Here’s the team that made this photoshoot so successful!

DigiSuisse digital marketingLeman Aesthetic ClinicClaire Serrano makeup @fleekyclaire  19th Avenue HairdresserSan Della Luna Photographer



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