Dear Friends,

In this new year of many making resolutions, I am sharing one with you. Usually I am not one to make resolutions because I believe that we don’t have to wait for a new year to take measures to better ourselves. We may do this at any time. This particular improvement I am making has to do with my wardrobe. What better than the beginning of the year to give myself a one year challenge to style everything I already own and only everything I already own!

Because the most #sustainablefashion is already the clothes we own! #fashionrevolution 💚

I have for the past three years curated my wardrobe with key pieces, staples and some trends. (not necessarily high-end) I also believe that #truestyle doesn’t depend on how fat your wallet is (that is story for another post).

Therefore you will no longer see tags to the makers of the items I am wearing (I will make an exception for a few collaborations & partnerships. I do enjoy working with brands and photographers).

I am not trying to sell you anything. I hope that in my “CHIC STATE OF MIND” I am inspiring women to take care of themselves.

This is my mission as an #imageconsultant & #stylist.

Moreover this decision is directly linked to my more sustainable approach to my wardrobe.

#buyless #buybetter #styling #styleyourwardrobe

Please let me know what you think in the comments.

📸 @sandellaluna_photographer for @digi_suisse @leman_aesthetic_clinic

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