Hi everyone,

I hope you started the year well!

This was my recent trip to Vienna, Austria. I call it the enchanted city because of all the lights, majestic architecture and cultural life like the opera!

An occasion like an opera is a great excuse to dress up! Therefore let’s take it to the max with a maxi-dress!

Here I am wearing my trusted suede perfecto jacket (considered a staple in any fashionista wardrobe) a sleeveless puffy multilayered organza dress with a halter neck top and ankle booties. A faux-leather and faux-fur mini bag complete the outfit. What do you think about my outfit for the opera? #shopyourwardrobe #sustainablefashion #style #stylist #image consultant #genevabased

This first post I offer you as my #oneyearchallenge to style my wardrobe as recently mentioned. Therefore I will not mention the brands of the clothing I am wearing since they are not recent purchases. If you would like to find something similar to what I am wearing, please leave a comment and I will help as best I can.

I thank you for reading.

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