When in Paris…

Dress up or go home!

Planning my second trip to Paris Fashion Week at Oxford Fashion Studio was quite amusing. I, with my fashion partner in crime @bella_zofia,  planned our looks and decided to focus on a new Swiss-based designer @matereza_design. The haute couture dresses all made by hand and meticulously finished with fine details are not for the light-hearted. These dresses are made with a confident woman in mind. One that is not afraid to be in the spotlight at the same time always being “in a chic state of mind”. Perfect!

I and Izabela were delighted!

The choice was difficult because we loved all the audacious cocktail dress designs but the dilemma was which ones to wear that we may easily create a look for daytime. I chose a beautiful green velvet dress with a tulip hem and a cold shoulder surrounded by black feathers. I decided to style it with a sleeveless white buttoned-up dress shirt. The mix brought my dress to be easily worn in the daytime. Not to mention that it is still winter and we had the most stormy weather in Paris. The sky seemed to have opened up just for our photoshoot session with a professional photographer @ulritzy. The bag to compliment my dress was a one of a kind luxury handbag from a Swiss-based designer @alila_brand. Sumptuous.

I chose a casually tousled hairdo to play down my very haute couture dress. My hair, that barely survived the inclement weather, and nails were done @luciano_coiffeur_geneva

Izabela’s dress was more straight forward to style! It was a beautiful silk wrap dress with feathers that followed the closing. It was amazing. An elegant stand on its own piece that she wore beautifully!

I thank you for reading 😉



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