Styling It From Home





Hello my friends,

There is no better time to change our habits concerning consumption. With the current world health crisis, COVID-19, I know personally that this has had an impact on my daily life and gives me much to reflect upon. What will be different when all of this is over? Will the world be in a better place after going back to the bare necessities and families obliged to spend time together?

Moreover: Which businesses will survive because they had to close their doors for quarantine and some quickly adapted their offer to shop-online? 

Sustainability has long been on my mind. Slowly I have been adopting a more conscious way of managing my wardrobe. This change is not because its trendy at the moment to be eco-conscious. See my post this past January 2020: My One Year Challenge! 

Part of the “Sustainable Fashion Food Chain” is pre-loved luxury. As pictured here I, with two other Genevoise ladies, were asked to choose carefully curated second-hand accessories and clothing and style them from home in collaboration with Downtown Uptown Genève a luxury on-line consignment boutique. Also offering Augmented Reality (AR Filters) to be able to try on jewelery and accessories from their on-line shop without leaving your home. Advances in technology such as this will make all the difference on how businesses will differentiate themselves in the aftermath of this crisis. Try AR Filters on Instagram here:

At this moment in time, I wanted to offer you, my readers, something to dream about. This amazing Dior vintage back draped gold-sequined gala gown and the Lacroix vintage long earrings were the perfect combination. Stay tuned for my next two looks all styled from this collaboration with Downtown Uptown Genève.

You too may rent this dress: Dior Gala dress in gold sequins or shop the earrings Lacroix vintage earrings in crystal & zircon and daisy beaded clips

I thank you for reading and stay safe my friends.




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