Londontown Kur Nails

Hello my friends,

I have finally found a nailpolish that rivals all of the big names in the nail care industry and I would like to share it with you.

Londontown Kur not only is a polish that is 9 free (this means that it is exempt of 9 harmful ingredients usually found in polishes) it is a carefully curated collection of nail care that embodies clean beauty at its finest. Infused with nourishing oils and enriched with a host of other restorative botanicals, Florium Complex, is the care you need for stronger, healthier-looking nails. Not to mention the fashionable choice of colors. With a wide range of the more classic hues. I find the coverage even, it dries quickly therefore there is less wait and my nails have never looked healthier.

The perfect manicure.

Visit their websites: Londontown Switzerland & Londontown USA

Love, love, love 🌹

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