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I hope this post finds you all well!

Now that in some areas of the world we are able to go back to work. We may rediscover the pleasure of getting dressed and what better way to welcome summer and workwear with this fabulous summer suit by Coster Copenhagen.

This Nordic brand established in 2012 is not only colorful and stylish but also very comfortable. The brand stands out with its modern clean lines and accessible pricing.

Since Coster Copenhagen was founded in 2012, they strived to attain a sustainable approach in their production. Suppliers are carefully chosen, new methods are used to reduce the carbon footprint, they track themselves all sustainable initiatives in pursuit of transparency and honesty. This, as a fashion lover, is definitely a plus and falls in line for my sustainable approach I have been developing these past years.

Everyday we make choices. If we choose to purchase from fashion brands that are striving to be eco-friendly then we may all contribute to a greener more sustainable fashion industry. In the end, if more consumers purchase brands that are sustainable, then the ones that are not will have to up their game and make the necessary improvements or close house. Therefore let’s reflect on what we purchase. Where and how it is made and contribute to a better future.

To get this look; Rasberry Pink Jacket, Rasberry Pink Shorts, Yellow CC Heart Lace Top, all from COSTER COPENHAGEN

I have noticed that the Philip Hog Bianca Rose Water sneakers are no longer available on their site. Try here: Philip Hog sneakers

This is a sponsored post by a Fashion House in Zurich Custom _Made Modeagentur that I have the pleasure to work with.

Thank you for reading and I wish you a lovely week.

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