Take Care of Yourself & Your Skin

La Vallée Switzerland, a luxury Swiss skincare company, recently launched a sun care line that, as an Ambassador, I had the opportunity to test before its official launch.

Developed with dermatologists and experts in biological research, these suncare products are specifically created to meet the needs of the active and ambitious woman.

In them, you will find the purest waters from the Swiss glaciers, essential oils, caviar, and a complex selection of botanical extracts. Also a combination of high performing UVA/UVB FILTERS. These ingredients help to maintain the skin protected. They contribute to the regeneration of your skin. It also helps prevent the development of skin discolorations and age spots.

The result? My skin was protected, soothed, hydrated all the while extending my natural tan. I especially loved the texture that was fluid and penetrated quickly. It didn’t leave a white film and had a light fragrance.

The Sun Care line is composed of three key products for all your sun exposure needs: Sun Protect Body SPf 50, Sun Protect Face 50 & UV Repair for the Face which is for after sun exposure.

The plus? La Vallée is a skincare company that actively supports charitable organizations. For example, the “Heart of India” foundation offers opportunities to young Indian women to achieve an education, receive their diploma and find a job that will eventually make them independent. For each product sold of their new suncare line, 5 Swiss Francs is donated to this organisation. A worthy cause 😉

Enter for a chance to win the new sun care collection here available for Swiss & French residents: Giveaway!

Shop it here: La Vallée Switzerland Suncare

☀️Enjoy your summer my friends & don’t forget the sunscreen☀️

2 thoughts on “Take Care of Yourself & Your Skin

  1. Bonjour Marisol,
    C’est un très bel article et le contenu est vraiment superbe!
    Merci pour votre professionnalisme, vous correspondez totalement à l’image de la marque La Vallée Switzerland, nous sommes ravi de pouvoir vous compter parmi nos ambassadrices de choix!
    Bien à vous,
    Team La Vallée Switzerland


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