Hello my friends,

In my quest for continued well-being I visited TMED, a Geneva based traditional medicine and holistic health center.
I had the opportunity to try a yoga session, Guasha massage and KOBIDO which is a Japanese facial massage method that is recognized as contributing to anti-aging. This was especially welcome seeing that this December, my skin is looking lackluster and tired.
I was also looking forward to it because KOBIDO is proven to:
-reduce fine lines and wrinkles
-purify, and hydrate the skin
-while provoking drainage of water retention.

Above all it is a moment dedicated to oneself of deep relaxation mentally and physically.
KOBIDO is not a new facial massage method.
It dates back from 1472 in Japan when an Empress requested a face massage in order to maintain her beauty and youth.
I had the chance to have Ambroise Munier practice the massage on me.
He chose to use Rosehip oil.
Almond or Argan oil may also be used. KOBIDO consists of over 100 movements to stimulate the muscles of the face, allowing a draining affect, toning and glowing skin
The massage consists of kneading rhythmically and gentle sliding over the skin in the trapezius, face and head area. These techniques stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation by helping your body to detoxify and absorb oil more efficiently.
The result:
I have to say that my skin was refreshed and glowing after.

The KOBIDO is practiced in the cabinet with the shower and everything you need to refresh yourself after the treatment if you wish.
My advice:
Count on washing your hair after because this sumptuous facial massage includes a head/scalp massage with the oils.
I recommend KOBIDO for all who need a moment to deconnect and treat yourself.
It also makes a great gift idea for the holiday. Gift vouchers are available.

Contact TMED to book an appointment or any inquiries

Wishing you all a healthy lovely winter.