Londontown Kur Nails

Hello my friends,

I have finally found a nailpolish that rivals all of the big names in the nail care industry and I would like to share it with you.

Londontown Kur not only is a polish that is 9 free (this means that it is exempt of 9 harmful ingredients usually found in polishes) it is a carefully curated collection of nail care that embodies clean beauty at its finest. Infused with nourishing oils and enriched with a host of other restorative botanicals, Florium Complex, is the care you need for stronger, healthier-looking nails. Not to mention the fashionable choice of colors. With a wide range of the more classic hues. I find the coverage even, it dries quickly therefore there is less wait and my nails have never looked healthier.

The perfect manicure.

Visit their websites: Londontown Switzerland & Londontown USA

Love, love, love 🌹

Back To Work

Hello my friends,

I hope this post finds you all well.

Here is some back to work on a rainy day inspiration.

This look I styled as part of my “One Year Challenge: Style My Wardrobe”as I posted in January 2020 Read about it here. My aim is not to sell you anything but I understand that this may inspire you to want to recreate the look, therefore I have given some suggestions for similar items below and some are the same.

What makes this modern workwear look so good is the contrast in neutrals that is used. Here you find a leopard print raincoat, off-white cropped mock turtleneck top, off-white cropped jeans that are all the rage this Spring/Summer 2020, nude pumps, cat eye sunglasses and an amazingly roomy chic bag. My aim for my one year challenge is to dive into my armoire and style looks with pieces that I already own. I’d like to use everything I have in as many ways as possible and this way I’ll create a more sustainable way of managing my wardrobe. In the end hopefully inspiring you to try to style what you already own 😉

Get the look: Leopard print raincoat, Off-white mock turtleneck sweater, Cream frayed cropped jeans, Nude pumps, Black leather & suede cross body bag, Tortoiseshell cat eye sunglasses

I thank you for reading and wishing you all the best!

Styling It From Home





Hello my friends,

There is no better time to change our habits concerning consumption. With the current world health crisis, COVID-19, I know personally that this has had an impact on my daily life and gives me much to reflect upon. What will be different when all of this is over? Will the world be in a better place after going back to the bare necessities and families obliged to spend time together?

Moreover: Which businesses will survive because they had to close their doors for quarantine and some quickly adapted their offer to shop-online? 

Sustainability has long been on my mind. Slowly I have been adopting a more conscious way of managing my wardrobe. This change is not because its trendy at the moment to be eco-conscious. See my post this past January 2020: My One Year Challenge! 

Part of the “Sustainable Fashion Food Chain” is pre-loved luxury. As pictured here I, with two other Genevoise ladies, were asked to choose carefully curated second-hand accessories and clothing and style them from home in collaboration with Downtown Uptown Genève a luxury on-line consignment boutique. Also offering Augmented Reality (AR Filters) to be able to try on jewelery and accessories from their on-line shop without leaving your home. Advances in technology such as this will make all the difference on how businesses will differentiate themselves in the aftermath of this crisis. Try AR Filters on Instagram here:

At this moment in time, I wanted to offer you, my readers, something to dream about. This amazing Dior vintage back draped gold-sequined gala gown and the Lacroix vintage long earrings were the perfect combination. Stay tuned for my next two looks all styled from this collaboration with Downtown Uptown Genève.

You too may rent this dress: Dior Gala dress in gold sequins or shop the earrings Lacroix vintage earrings in crystal & zircon and daisy beaded clips

I thank you for reading and stay safe my friends.




If an article of clothing may inspire some happiness, this would be it!







Hello my friends,

At this very particular time in our history, I hope this post finds you well.

I held out from posting since my trip to Paris Fashion Week in February this year due to the world health crisis. I couldn’t see myself posting fashion at a time when there is so much difficulty healthwise and economically.

After three weeks that the world is in quarantine, I still feel the same. At the same time, I, like a lot of small businesses in the fashion industry must go one working to survive. There are a lot of artisans, seamstresses, and textile workers that depend on their jobs to feed their families. Therefore fashion is never superficial. It is necessary.

We all have to get dressed every day, why not enjoy it! 

That brings me to this amazing jacket I am wearing pictured in the images above and the fact that it brings a warm comfort and a smile to my face.

All items are from Coster Copenhagen. Clean lines, bold colors, prints and fine details all exemplify Scandinavian heritage. They even offer on their online shop some sustainable choices. Worth a visit.

I find this beautiful pink jacket with its embroidered birds so versatile that I styled it in two different ways. Firstly belted as a coat dress. The look is feminine and definitely not shy for workwear. Then I chose to wear it with a neckline embroidered short-sleeved tee that states that I am Sun Obsessed and pink tan trousers for a relaxed look. The wide-legged trousers called for some platform sandals to balance an elongate the silhouette. I hope you love the look as much as I do and that it also brings a smile to your face. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

Get the look: One button jacket in pink tanSun Obsessed embroidered neck t-shirt,     Wide-legged trousers in soft roseSimilar camel colored plateform sandales

This is a sponsored post. I thank you for reading.




When in Paris…

Dress up or go home!

Planning my second trip to Paris Fashion Week at Oxford Fashion Studio was quite amusing. I, with my fashion partner in crime @bella_zofia,  planned our looks and decided to focus on a new Swiss-based designer @matereza_design. The haute couture dresses all made by hand and meticulously finished with fine details are not for the light-hearted. These dresses are made with a confident woman in mind. One that is not afraid to be in the spotlight at the same time always being “in a chic state of mind”. Perfect!

I and Izabela were delighted!

The choice was difficult because we loved all the audacious cocktail dress designs but the dilemma was which ones to wear that we may easily create a look for daytime. I chose a beautiful green velvet dress with a tulip hem and a cold shoulder surrounded by black feathers. I decided to style it with a sleeveless white buttoned-up dress shirt. The mix brought my dress to be easily worn in the daytime. Not to mention that it is still winter and we had the most stormy weather in Paris. The sky seemed to have opened up just for our photoshoot session with a professional photographer @ulritzy. The bag to compliment my dress was a one of a kind luxury handbag from a Swiss-based designer @alila_brand. Sumptuous.

I chose a casually tousled hairdo to play down my very haute couture dress. My hair, that barely survived the inclement weather, and nails were done @luciano_coiffeur_geneva

Izabela’s dress was more straight forward to style! It was a beautiful silk wrap dress with feathers that followed the closing. It was amazing. An elegant stand on its own piece that she wore beautifully!

I thank you for reading 😉