When in Paris…

Dress up or go home!

Planning my second trip to Paris Fashion Week at Oxford Fashion Studio was quite amusing. I, with my fashion partner in crime @bella_zofia,  planned our looks and decided to focus on a new Swiss-based designer @matereza_design. The haute couture dresses all made by hand and meticulously finished with fine details are not for the light-hearted. These dresses are made with a confident woman in mind. One that is not afraid to be in the spotlight at the same time always being “in a chic state of mind”. Perfect!

I and Izabela were delighted!

The choice was difficult because we loved all the audacious cocktail dress designs but the dilemma was which ones to wear that we may easily create a look for daytime. I chose a beautiful green velvet dress with a tulip hem and a cold shoulder surrounded by black feathers. I decided to style it with a sleeveless white buttoned-up dress shirt. The mix brought my dress to be easily worn in the daytime. Not to mention that it is still winter and we had the most stormy weather in Paris. The sky seemed to have opened up just for our photoshoot session with a professional photographer @ulritzy. The bag to compliment my dress was a one of a kind luxury handbag from a Swiss-based designer @alila_brand. Sumptuous.

I chose a casually tousled hairdo to play down my very haute couture dress. My hair, that barely survived the inclement weather, and nails were done @luciano_coiffeur_geneva

Izabela’s dress was more straight forward to style! It was a beautiful silk wrap dress with feathers that followed the closing. It was amazing. An elegant stand on its own piece that she wore beautifully!

I thank you for reading 😉




My friends,

Never sacrifice style when it’s the weekend!

This is another look from my style my wardrobe challenge. Neutrals for a sophisticated street style look. I layered a long camel coat over a plush hoody, ivory slightly destroyed cropped jeans and neutral statement sneakers with a shot of red. A designer bag always help to finish the look 😉

How do you like this look?


Hi everyone,

I hope you started the year well!

This was my recent trip to Vienna, Austria. I call it the enchanted city because of all the lights, majestic architecture and cultural life like the opera!

An occasion like an opera is a great excuse to dress up! Therefore let’s take it to the max with a maxi-dress!

Here I am wearing my trusted suede perfecto jacket (considered a staple in any fashionista wardrobe) a sleeveless puffy multilayered organza dress with a halter neck top and ankle booties. A faux-leather and faux-fur mini bag complete the outfit. What do you think about my outfit for the opera? #shopyourwardrobe #sustainablefashion #style #stylist #image consultant #genevabased

This first post I offer you as my #oneyearchallenge to style my wardrobe as recently mentioned. Therefore I will not mention the brands of the clothing I am wearing since they are not recent purchases. If you would like to find something similar to what I am wearing, please leave a comment and I will help as best I can.

I thank you for reading.


Dear Friends,

In this new year of many making resolutions, I am sharing one with you. Usually I am not one to make resolutions because I believe that we don’t have to wait for a new year to take measures to better ourselves. We may do this at any time. This particular improvement I am making has to do with my wardrobe. What better than the beginning of the year to give myself a one year challenge to style everything I already own and only everything I already own!

Because the most #sustainablefashion is already the clothes we own! #fashionrevolution 💚

I have for the past three years curated my wardrobe with key pieces, staples and some trends. (not necessarily high-end) I also believe that #truestyle doesn’t depend on how fat your wallet is (that is story for another post).

Therefore you will no longer see tags to the makers of the items I am wearing (I will make an exception for a few collaborations & partnerships. I do enjoy working with brands and photographers).

I am not trying to sell you anything. I hope that in my “CHIC STATE OF MIND” I am inspiring women to take care of themselves.

This is my mission as an #imageconsultant & #stylist.

Moreover this decision is directly linked to my more sustainable approach to my wardrobe.

#buyless #buybetter #styling #styleyourwardrobe

Please let me know what you think in the comments.

📸 @sandellaluna_photographer for @digi_suisse @leman_aesthetic_clinic







Photography @amataart_design, makeup @fleekyclaire, fashion @TANIEU CREATRICE, models @bella_zofia and I @inachicstateofmind

Izabela and I had a fashionable experience wearing TANIEU CREATRICE clothing featured in this post. As well as an inspirational moment while interviewing her and you may read this below. She is a Geneva-based fashion designer that is gaining quite a following due to her refined, timeless yet modern fashion. I have been supporting local artisans and purchasing less on-line. Thus gaining a more sustainable approach to managing my wardrobe. The coats, dresses and skirts on this post are all made of faux-leather and were all designed with Izabela and me in mind.

Here are a few questions for TANIEU CREATRICE

I: What inspired you to become a fashion designer?
TANIEU: I have always been passionate about fashion and as a child.
I started an apprenticeship with one of the best fashion designers in my country in Côte d’Ivoire. Quickly I was asked to be a model for their clothing. Therefore I was surrounded by fashion very young.

I. Where do you get your design inspiration from?
TANIEU: I am inspired by everyday life and the people I meet. The textiles are a centre motivation for my designs. Their colour, texture and finish also inspire me to create and do what I love to do, make clothing!

I: What is your design process from a concept to the production of a garment?
TANIEU: When starting a new design I start with a flat pattern. Often elaborating the fabric into muslin on (which is the cloth we use to fashion a garment into shape). Then I’ll drape it on a model and make modifications along the way until the result is satisfactory.

BELLA: What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?
TANIEU: The social networks play a major role in fashion today. To my brand, TANIEU, it has given me large visibility in one click! It has been an enriching experience meeting fashion bloggers and photographers that have taken an interest in my work. I have found that Instagram is a network of mutual support that is very pleasant.

BELLA: How would you like women to feel when wearing your clothes?
TANIEU: It is an honour for me to see a woman in my clothes. I’d like her to feel more confident and sexy and that she is proud to wear them.

BELLA: What is your style? What do you love to wear the most?
TANIEU: My style is discreet and sober. I often wear trousers that are comfortable and practical.

We thank you TANIEU for taking the time to fulfil our curiosity 😉 XOXO