Give me skincare that is intelligent, targeted, catered to my needs and complete!
My skin is radiant thanks to Le Privilège The Cream from Rivoli
I had the privilege (no pun intended) to offer this luxurious cream to my winter skin that is usually dry and tired looking during this season.

With Le Privilège, and after a few weeks use, I find it extremely nourished, plumped up and fine lines are reduced. What interested me the most in testing this cream is their proper biotechnology that sparked my curiosity.
It’s called ASP which stands for Advanced Skin Precursors make their products extremely performant. They adjust the active ingredients to the needs of the skin at a certain moment. This making sure that the skin never gets an overload of ingredients that it doesn’t need.
Above all Le Privilège The Cream has an amazing velvety texture, made of botanical extracts, free of any silicones and parabens and has a clean ingredient list.

Rivoli is an exclusive family owned skincare company based in Geneva, Switzerland. They cover all aspects of creating their creams from the research to developing and production of their luxury cosmetics.

How to use it? Day and night!
This cream is a lovely base before my makeup that keeps my skin plumped all day and repairing while I get my beauty sleep.
I did say I wanted it all!

You may offer the same privilege to your skin here with Le Privilege The Cream, Rivoli Geneva

I thank you for reading and I wish you an awesome day!

Photography by Alex Teuscher

Styling My Wardrobe

What happens when I style my own wardrobe?
My personal style and tastes take life!
I layered the burnt orange satin trench coat by local designer Tanieu Couture Genève over a cream sequined cropped top, wide legged jeans, @gucci gold pumps & classic horsebit bag. The mix of satin, sequins & jeans heighten the interest. Do mix and match fabrics and textures to create your individual style🧡
Photography ZK Vision

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Transition to Autumn 21

Hi my fierce friends!
Here I offer you a transitional look to Autumn🍂
🛍 Shop the look and similar items:


Add a black blazer over a black satin slip dress and you have a chic urban look.
Some other items that are accompanying me into Autumn:
A bag that was a hit this summer Le Pliage Filet from Longchamp
My faved statement polish Dragonfruit from Londontown’s Juicy Summer Collection
Continued care and grooming of myself into Autumn21 thanks to an impeccable mani/pedi @ap__nails_anita

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The Paris M bag by avecNono

Hold this unique modern bag in your hand and you’ll find impeccable craftsmanship. Made by a Zurich based company avecNono, this bag is crafted from real cowhide and it is very roomy and light. Thank goodness for this because I fill it nicely with all my daily necessities.

It is so versatile and stylish! With its adjustable straps you may use it as a cross-body bag, then turn it into a top handle or a backpack.

Available in green, black, raspberry and my most favorite color aubergine. This color goes with everything ,and I use it as a neutral. A subtle backdrop to any other color you may wear it with.

Shop it here: avecNono

Thanks for reading and stay safe 💕

Swiss Beauty Box

Hello my friends,

Have you ever traveled for work and felt you would like to make your stay in a hotel room cozier like home?

Recently I had the chance to stay at the N’vy Hotel in Geneva to work with my fierce fellow influencers Swiss Digital Talents.

The first thing I did when I entered my hotel room was open up my Swiss Beauty Box ”Je Me Ressource” in English ”Just Breath”.

There was a pleasant calming scent of cotton in my room. Tea time was extra special the mix Detox. At night time I had the perfect products to nourish my hands and lips. The next morning I knew I had the eye cream to soothe my eyes and a fresh citrus scent to kickstart my day. When a stressful moment arrived I grabbed my essential oils roll-on to recenter myself. Everything I would need was in this box.


Luxurious yet natural, ecological items like:

  • Avril Eye Cream
  • Les Thés de la Pagode tea Detox
  • Cedar EDT by Lothantique
  • Par Lothantique Home Fragrance
  • 100Bon Essential Oil Roll-on
  • Par Sodina lip balm
  • Oriental Chic Hand Cream
  • Ateliers Sy quartz rose bracelet

All in a multi-functional, multi-use bag made of jute and cord. The bag may be used as a backpack, toy bag or an improvised yoga mat.

I thank you Swiss Beaty Box for sharing this unique experience with me.

The box makes a great gift too.

Shop it here:

Swiss Beauty Box “Je Me Ressource”

Other Swiss Beauty Boxes to choose from like “Jeune fille” for a growing young lady.

Or the men’s box: “Je t’invite à passer le week-end à la maison” 😉


Hôtel N’vy Geneva

Swiss Digital Talents on Instagram