The Manhattan Dress

Hello my friends!

I have never been a person that loved social media or the spotlight. That said, I recognize that I am so blessed to have met so many amazing people through Instagram including the designer of this “Manhattan” dress I am wearing from Rue Vautier .

The dress is suitably named after my birthplace, because it fits so well with any situation that a city girl may run into. Wear it with modern sneakers to run from one end of the city to another for an appointment. Wear it to the office topped with a blazer to make it more appropriate for professional wear and switch to a biker jacket and stilettos for happy hour drinks at the latest NY after work hotspot or date!

I instantly loved it for its soft comfortable cotton stretch fabric and it’s body flattering cut, it’s extra long statement sleeves and it’s midi-length skirt. Not to mention the sexy revealing back.

If you’d like this dress custom-made for you, please contact Naomi at Rue Vautier

I thank you for reading.

European Travels and Dressing!

This post is dedicated to a recent question I had from my soul-sister:

What to wear on as an American travelling to Europe to avoid looking like a tourist?

As an New Yorker living in Europe I have quite a few years of experience on traveling and avoiding looking like a tourist. The aim is to blend in in terms of dress and style. Therefore I decided to take a few examples of a recent trip to London and create a list of Do’s and Don’ts for you. This post is not so much on how to be fashionable but how to be practical and put-together to fit in the local scenery. European cities are known for its cobble stone streets and due to this heels are not a good idea when touring. You may also receive friendlier service in shops and restaurants when taking your cues from the locals. My advice: dress a notch up than you usually would. Above all, avoiding looking like a tourist will avoid being obvious to pickpockets. This has happened to us when in Rome years ago my husband walked around with a map of the city in his hand. We were obviously tourists and yes we were instantly pick-pocketed!

Taking a cue from the pictures below, I travelled with 2 handbags (one black and one of a gorgeous scarlet red), a black wool knit dress, a tweed grey long duster coat, black opaque tights, grey slim jeans, a light grey cashmere poncho, a wool grey turtleneck, a navy cashmere turtleneck, a black suede perfecto jacket, dressy silk pyjama trousers, sunglasses and tactile gloves for my smartphone, a simple watch, one ring on each hand and small hoop earrings. The shoes I chose were strategic: one ankle boot trekking style in a beautiful wine color, white dad sneakers a more modern sneaker in black, silver and white. Both sneakers fit right into the current European trend. Note that, as I have done, using different textures and finishes in your clothing accentuates your style and adds interest to your outfit.




Here are some clothing and accessories items to avoid:

  • baseball caps
  • sports team t-shirts
  • American logos
  • obvious brand American brand name bags (like Coach) and accessories
  • shorts in every occasion
  • sparkly shiny expensive jewellery
  • backpacks

Here is what to favour:

  • neutral colours are easy to mix and match in a capsule wardrobe
  • comfortable shoes (impeccable fashionable sneakers and/or ankle boots flat or with a small block heel)
  • clean cut conservative clothes
  • a touch of colour with a scarf (a main staple for all Europeans but also for the unpredictable weather)
  • long trousers
  • understated jewellery that was not an investment
  • small structured cross-body bag
  • cardigan for a quick cover when visiting religious place like churches
  • wear layers to easily adapt to the weather

Some of the items I am wearing are probably no longer available. Therefore I didn’t provide the links to purchase. Please write a comment on the item you would like and I will find a similar article for you 😉

I hope this post was useful. I thank you for reading and enjoy your trip!


A Little Romance?

Who couldn’t use a little romance?

We are living in a time when the codes of dressing well are blurred by athleisure-wear and sneakers coming into mainstream everyday. Please do not misunderstand me. I am a lover of sneakers for their comfort and cool vibe. Check out one of my latest Instagram posts here.

There are many advantages of being a lady and one of them is choosing when to dress up or down. This dreamy maxi-dress inspired the rest of the look. I chose it for its discreet flower pattern. As I am not a southern bell…  Add a 100% wool felt hat ethically made in Ecuador, Brappz bracelet and necklace, my faved Chanel Boy Bag that goes with everything and Western inspired high boots. The backdrop is a very familiar place to me. As much as I feel right at home in an urban environment I am so lucky to have nature at my doorstep for a run or a walk in the forest. Please let me know in your comments what do you think about this look. 

I thank you for reading. 

Get the look: Ivy & Oak Maxi-dressChanel Boy BagBronx Leather bootsBrappz bracelet and necklaceEcua-Andino Hat

Fashionable Regards




What if you could give your wardrobe a second life and manage it in a more sustainable way? What if you could share what you no longer wear with the Swiss fashion forward community? To my delight, I discovered it’s possible on Fashion Federation.

I found it was easy to follow the simple steps to upload my pre-loved items for sale on to their online platform. In doing so I extend their lifespan and it gives me the possibility to also purchase some new or pre-owned items. Aside from giving private individuals the opportunity to resell pre-owned items, they also offer a platform for independent boutiques to post their new and past collections for sale. Giving them a choice to be pro-active instead of waiting for customers to visit their shop. Choose from their designer fashion and lifestyle items.

The plus of using Fashion Federation? When you sell you may choose to contribute an amount to Terre des Hommes, an organisation aimed at helping children, and when you buy an item that has Terre des Hommes logo, you know a part of the money goes to the cause!

Shop my wardrobe at FASHION FEDERATION  as seen above:

Various Jimmy Choo Stilettos, Leopard PrintBlack SuedeSilver Sparkly Stilettos

Victoria Beckham Knit Skirt, Chloé Knit Sweater, Prada Silver Stilettos,

Miu Miu RainbootsPuma X Solange Rainbow Disc Sneakers

Thank you to Fashion Federation for this collaboration.

Photography by FunkyForty