Take Care of Yourself & Your Skin

La Vallée Switzerland, a luxury Swiss skincare company, recently launched a sun care line that, as an Ambassador, I had the opportunity to test before its official launch.

Developed with dermatologists and experts in biological research, these suncare products are specifically created to meet the needs of the active and ambitious woman.

In them, you will find the purest waters from the Swiss glaciers, essential oils, caviar, and a complex selection of botanical extracts. Also a combination of high performing UVA/UVB FILTERS. These ingredients help to maintain the skin protected. They contribute to the regeneration of your skin. It also helps prevent the development of skin discolorations and age spots.

The result? My skin was protected, soothed, hydrated all the while extending my natural tan. I especially loved the texture that was fluid and penetrated quickly. It didn’t leave a white film and had a light fragrance.

The Sun Care line is composed of three key products for all your sun exposure needs: Sun Protect Body SPf 50, Sun Protect Face 50 & UV Repair for the Face which is for after sun exposure.

The plus? La Vallée is a skincare company that actively supports charitable organizations. For example, the “Heart of India” foundation offers opportunities to young Indian women to achieve an education, receive their diploma and find a job that will eventually make them independent. For each product sold of their new suncare line, 5 Swiss Francs is donated to this organisation. A worthy cause 😉

Enter for a chance to win the new sun care collection here available for Swiss & French residents: Giveaway!

Shop it here: La Vallée Switzerland Suncare

☀️Enjoy your summer my friends & don’t forget the sunscreen☀️


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I hope this post finds you all well!

Now that in some areas of the world we are able to go back to work. We may rediscover the pleasure of getting dressed and what better way to welcome summer and workwear with this fabulous summer suit by Coster Copenhagen.

This Nordic brand established in 2012 is not only colorful and stylish but also very comfortable. The brand stands out with its modern clean lines and accessible pricing.

Since Coster Copenhagen was founded in 2012, they strived to attain a sustainable approach in their production. Suppliers are carefully chosen, new methods are used to reduce the carbon footprint, they track themselves all sustainable initiatives in pursuit of transparency and honesty. This, as a fashion lover, is definitely a plus and falls in line for my sustainable approach I have been developing these past years.

Everyday we make choices. If we choose to purchase from fashion brands that are striving to be eco-friendly then we may all contribute to a greener more sustainable fashion industry. In the end, if more consumers purchase brands that are sustainable, then the ones that are not will have to up their game and make the necessary improvements or close house. Therefore let’s reflect on what we purchase. Where and how it is made and contribute to a better future.

To get this look; Rasberry Pink Jacket, Rasberry Pink Shorts, Yellow CC Heart Lace Top, all from COSTER COPENHAGEN

I have noticed that the Philip Hog Bianca Rose Water sneakers are no longer available on their site. Try here: Philip Hog sneakers

This is a sponsored post by a Fashion House in Zurich Custom _Made Modeagentur that I have the pleasure to work with.

Thank you for reading and I wish you a lovely week.

BODYLINE CENTER: Slimming Solutions

I recently had the pleasure of complimentary slimming therapies at BODYLINE CENTER GENEVA

Although I religiously exercise each week with a routine of running, yoga, weight lifting, and cardio classes I agreed to it knowing that by “word of mouth” I had heard good feedback about the treatments.

Arriving at the center you find the reception that is tastefully decorated with a modern contemporary design. You are greeted by a kind knowledgeable staff. What was most pleasant was that there was a nutritionist present to follow along with the treatments. I received also health and nutritional advice to add to my routine.

Before beginning any treatments I had a thorough evaluation of my medical history and my nutritional habits by the graceful Manager, Najia Lecerf. Furthermore, my body measurements were taken to be able to evaluate my progress after the treatments. With all of this information, I was given a personalized treatment plan of Cool Sculpting (Cryolipolise in French) and five alternating hot/cold body wraps to mobilize any excess fat.

First I’ll speak about the Coolsculpting. Since I am weary about plastic surgery this is the closest we may come to sculpting our body without a surgical treatment. It is done with a new generation machine named Cryosculptor that destroys the fat by freezing it and it’s cells and it is then eliminated by the lymphatic system about 1-2 months after treatment. I had this done on my tummy and inner thighs for almost one hour in one sitting. I was thrilled to be able to try this!

To complement the Cool Sculpting, I experienced a number of body wrap sessions alternating hot and cold body wraps around my body. The cold body wraps, FMS, mobilizes the excess fat by cooling the body in targeted areas that the body burns the fat cells searching to keep warm. Luckily I was offered a pleasant herbal infusion to help me withstand the cold. These are also herbal infusions that are draining and slimming for our well-being. We have the possibility to purchase them at the Bodyline Center.

The SLBT treatment (Minéralisation) is a hot body wrap soaked in mineral salts and slimming main ingredients that favor fat burning by stimulating sweat and thus the body eliminates by increasing blood circulation and elimination. The Bodyline Center only uses 100% natural ingredients in their treatments.

I would also like to add that I found my skin more taught, firm, and smooth due to these hot and cold wraps.

My results were in 1 month after. I did what I would say is “Damage Control” Seeing that these exceptional slimming body treatments coincided with Switzerland’s Federal Office of Public Heaths order to “Stay at Home”, I probably would’ve seen more obvious results. My workout routine was cut down from 6 hours to 3 hours due to the fitness closing down. This with less activity and having 3 full meals a day with my family I kept a steady weight and lost about 500 grams and an inch around waist and hips.

I enjoyed the experience because I know that this would be the perfect non-invasive partner in keeping my body fit. I know that I do all I can to “age gracefully” but a little help doesn’t hurt 😉 I also enjoyed it because of the mind-frame the treatments put me in. I was taking extra care of my body including what I ate and that gave me an incredible sense of well being at a time in my life when it was needed.

I thank the Bodyline Center and will highly recommend it for anyone who would like to favor healthier, noninvasive options to keep a slim, healthy body. Therefore please don’t hesitate to contact them for an evaluation here: Bodyline Center

I thank you for reading and until next time, stay well my friends 😉

Londontown Kur Nails

Hello my friends,

I have finally found a nailpolish that rivals all of the big names in the nail care industry and I would like to share it with you.

Londontown Kur not only is a polish that is 9 free (this means that it is exempt of 9 harmful ingredients usually found in polishes) it is a carefully curated collection of nail care that embodies clean beauty at its finest. Infused with nourishing oils and enriched with a host of other restorative botanicals, Florium Complex, is the care you need for stronger, healthier-looking nails. Not to mention the fashionable choice of colors. With a wide range of the more classic hues. I find the coverage even, it dries quickly therefore there is less wait and my nails have never looked healthier.

The perfect manicure.

Visit their websites: Londontown Switzerland & Londontown USA

Love, love, love 🌹

Back To Work

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I hope this post finds you all well.

Here is some back to work on a rainy day inspiration.

This look I styled as part of my “One Year Challenge: Style My Wardrobe”as I posted in January 2020 Read about it here. My aim is not to sell you anything but I understand that this may inspire you to want to recreate the look, therefore I have given some suggestions for similar items below and some are the same.

What makes this modern workwear look so good is the contrast in neutrals that is used. Here you find a leopard print raincoat, off-white cropped mock turtleneck top, off-white cropped jeans that are all the rage this Spring/Summer 2020, nude pumps, cat eye sunglasses and an amazingly roomy chic bag. My aim for my one year challenge is to dive into my armoire and style looks with pieces that I already own. I’d like to use everything I have in as many ways as possible and this way I’ll create a more sustainable way of managing my wardrobe. In the end hopefully inspiring you to try to style what you already own 😉

Get the look: Leopard print raincoat, Off-white mock turtleneck sweater, Cream frayed cropped jeans, Nude pumps, Black leather & suede cross body bag, Tortoiseshell cat eye sunglasses

I thank you for reading and wishing you all the best!