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Osaka, Japan. A city known for its local cuisine is also flourishing with its street wear scene that only falls short to that of Tokyo. I do want to mention that there are numerous subcultures on the fashion scene that until now was dominated by the girls especially in Tokyo. The boys are embracing this look that is getting much media attention and it is called the Kawaii Boys/Genderless Kei. The popular look is more childish than traditionally feminine. They are not trying to dress like women. They aim for a gender less style. I won’t go into detail on this subject because I feel that my readers cannot relate to it. Please note that these styles whether from cartoon, fairytale, American icons or gothic do have a trickle down effect on the Japanese street wear scene.

While in Osaka, I visited my faved Japanese designers from my days at Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. They are Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto. Their boutiques are worth a visit just for the beauty of their interior design. At the moment, the BAO BAO Bag  from Issey Miyake is still going strong with new designs, textures and colors (see picture above of my stop at the boutique) and is coveted by many architects and the fashion industry. Even men, who are overshadowing the Japanese women with their inventive unexpected style, make a fashion statement by carrying a graphic clutch from the BAO BAO bag line. I love this bag! It’s designer, Issey Miyake is much known in the Western world for its perfume , L’Eau d’Issey. I have known him more for his architectural designs and the use of innovative fabrics. Pleats Please! Does that tell you anything?

Here I am wearing a puffy cotton terracotta blouse by another Japanese clothing house UNIQLO. A more conveniently priced line with some necessary basics to any wardrobe. My look is inspired by the silhouettes in Japan that fail to hug the body as I mentioned in my last post , When in Tokyo…, long circle skirts and wide leg trousers are the fashion staple. I layered the blouse over a cotton navy shift dress. The exception from the fashions spotted is that I used a shorter version of the skirt. I belted the blouse with a large navy leather belt and completed the look with my original Chanel Boy bag with handle .

I thank you for reading.

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