Give me skincare that is intelligent, targeted, catered to my needs and complete!
My skin is radiant thanks to Le Privilège The Cream from Rivoli
I had the privilege (no pun intended) to offer this luxurious cream to my winter skin that is usually dry and tired looking during this season.

With Le Privilège, and after a few weeks use, I find it extremely nourished, plumped up and fine lines are reduced. What interested me the most in testing this cream is their proper biotechnology that sparked my curiosity.
It’s called ASP which stands for Advanced Skin Precursors make their products extremely performant. They adjust the active ingredients to the needs of the skin at a certain moment. This making sure that the skin never gets an overload of ingredients that it doesn’t need.
Above all Le Privilège The Cream has an amazing velvety texture, made of botanical extracts, free of any silicones and parabens and has a clean ingredient list.

Rivoli is an exclusive family owned skincare company based in Geneva, Switzerland. They cover all aspects of creating their creams from the research to developing and production of their luxury cosmetics.

How to use it? Day and night!
This cream is a lovely base before my makeup that keeps my skin plumped all day and repairing while I get my beauty sleep.
I did say I wanted it all!

You may offer the same privilege to your skin here with Le Privilege The Cream, Rivoli Geneva

I thank you for reading and I wish you an awesome day!

Photography by Alex Teuscher

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