Not Your Everyday Denim


As I mentioned in a previous post this is another mood board. Here I share with you my love for denim. This fabric has a long history. It originated as workwear and now it has become the staple of any fashionista. In 1969 a writer for American Fabrics magazine declared, “Denim is one of the world’s oldest fabrics, yet it remains eternally young.” (quote from

Not just any denim. I am loving pieces that are original and have some character. Look for frayed unfinished edges, extra hardware like zippers, classic pieces like a peacoat in denim or a statement bag. Forget the denim that is overly garish, studded with sparkles, ripped and screams don’t miss me.

The credits for the pictures from left to right starting from the top is Chloé Pre-fall 2016 for the denim trousers and blouse. Chanel denim quilted bag. Stella McCartney oversized denim jacket (For a more affordable version try the hooded denim utility jacket from Forever 21Lastly the blouse in denim tencel is from Mango’s online shop

Stay tuned for my denim styling ideas this autumn!


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